Caleb Sett

Information Technologistūüéď




We offer services on Helb body, is applications of first time applicants and many other services.


Although E-Filing was created to make everyone's lives easier, many people still struggle with getting it right.

Income Tax


I will offer you services in KRA body I.e registration and filling in returns.

An income tax is a tax imposed on individuals or entities (taxpayers) that varies with respective income or profits (taxable income).



Calculating your Return On Investment (ROI) is an essential practice in many endeavours, albeit often overlooked.

Startup Program


Are you considering launching your own startup, but worry about your personal and business finances?

Retirement Schemes


Most people neglect their retirement plans for too long, and get an unpleasant surprise when their retirement gets near.

Offer Safaricom Bundles (4G network)

I sell safaricom bundles embedded in a sim card or if you need load up , then you have to be near supplier. The. Bundles are valid for one month.

It also have safaricom App incentives 0.5 GB which expires in three days.

1GB - Ksh 100

2GB- Ksh 150

Make your offer today.

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" With an unwavering commitment to the practice of ISs, Caleb  keeps satisfying the needs of global corporations and brand new startups alike. "



Hello, my name is Caleb Sett. I'm a web developer with more than two Moons of experience. I have been working as an assistant Web designer in some of the largest corporations and most esteemed consultancies. I provide a large variety of Web designer services to companies and organisations of any size.










Nyeri, Kenya.